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Urban General Store™ was launched in October 2008 as a specialty online gift store. The concept of an 
urban general store is a nod to general stores of the past but updated to meet the needs of today's modern shopper. The site carries a wide variety of fun, functional, inspirational and well-designed items so that all your gift buying can be accomplished at one website.

Contact us at with any questions or 773-275-8600 / 888-5 ASK MOM (888-527-5666).

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Urban General Store™ is the ecommerce home of ENJOY, AN URBAN GENERAL STORE located in Chicago’s Lincoln Square Neighborhood at our new, bigger location down the street at 4723 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60625 since July 2005.

ENJOY, AN URBAN GENERAL STORE is open 7 days a week.

Monday-Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 7pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

Contact the store directly for more info at 773-334-8626 or


Are you a prospective vendor who would like to sell your items on and in ENJOY, AN URBAN GENERAL STORE? If so, please fill out our New Vendor Submission Form so your information can be shared with all members of our Buying Team. No phone calls, please.


Rebecca Wood is the founder of Urban General Store™. Raised in a retail family, Rebecca helped out in her grandmother’s jewelry store as soon as she could walk. Rebecca's parents, Karen and Tom Wood, opened their first store, Periwinkles, on Cape Cod twenty-two years ago. From elementary school through college, Rebecca worked in her parents’ gift stores, learning every aspect of the business. After college, Rebecca worked as a manufacturer’s representative, selling to small gift stores throughout Southeast Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island.

Rebecca first visited Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood when she relocated to the city in 2002. Rebecca realized that the neighborhood would be the perfect place to fulfill her life-long dream of opening a modern-day general store. Like the rural general stores she recalled from her youth spent traveling to visit her grandmother in Vermont, Rebecca sought to update the concept to one focused on gifts and fun items that cater to smart and savvy city dwellers. In July 2005 Rebecca opened ENJOY, AN URBAN GENERAL STORE at 4723 N. Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, IL.

ENJOY, AN URBAN GENERAL STORE was embraced by the residents and visitors of Lincoln Square. Following the success of the store, Rebecca recruited musician, author and former mail order customer service supervisor Stephanie Edwards to help with the launch of Urban General Store's home on the in October 2008.

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What is/are a MOMs? What's a "Mom's Picks"?

MOMs is short for Masters of Merchandise--Urban General Store's fearless army of testers of items and Customer Service savants. If you have a problem or a question or need help... just contact the MOMs ( The idea sprang from Urban General Store's founders' mothers: Karen and Susan. Karen has over 20 years in retail. She has likely touched, tasted, handled and used almost every item on the site. She is owner of two gift shops on the East Coast--Prelude in Needham, Mass. (till 2005) and Periwinkles Gifts in Cataumet, Mass and Latitude 41 Store on Cape Cod.

Susan has over 30 years of experience ordering from catalogs, exclusive TV offers and the internet. She placed her first mail order in 1978 from the Montgomery Ward catalog. Both of her grandfathers owned and operated general stores in the early 1900's in St. Louis. She can regularly be heard calling in to offer her comments on QVC's Open Line Thursdays.

And Urban General Store's honorary MOM is actually a DAD. Tom has over 22 years of retail experience. Like Rebecca, he began working at his mother's jewelry store when he was tall enough to see over the counter (on his tippy-toes). He can be found behind the counter at Periwinkles on Cape Cod from Flag Day to Columbus Day and fixing things, building shelves and changing light bulbs at our retail store ENJOY, AN URBAN GENERAL STORE in Chicago the rest of the year. If the MOM's are the lifeblood of Urban General Store, then Tom is the life-force (and an all-around great DAD).

What's with all the puns in the product descriptions?

If you don't like them... Mea culpa. Yes, we agree. Some of the jokes and puns are as old as grandma's feet--and twice as corny. But we were trying to look for fun, funny and different ways to describe the items we sell. Many of our products are known to people or immediately recognizable. But we wanted to offer more than a BORING DESCRIPTION OF ITEMS. Our retail store has a personality--when you walk in you sense the whimsy, joy and humor. People laugh out loud at our cards. They are inspired by our canvases. They blush at our "poo" stuff. We wanted our online store to have that same kind of strong personality and all we had to work with--in addition to the professional web design, rich photography, color palette, custom typefaces, designer graphics and products--was words.

If you do like them... Great! We've been looking for customers like you. You probably share our quirky sense of humor and tongue-in-cheek sensibilities. You are obviously exceedingly intelligent with keen powers of observation, a vast knowledge of pop culture and a Shakespearean sense of irony.

If you don't get them... That's ok. They weren't very funny anyway. Please just look at the pictures and order the products. We'll send them to you quickly in a nice box or cute gift wrap (if requested). Just know that someone who really enjoys these items decided to put them on a website where you could order them and we could pack and ship them to you (or a friend).

Why do you feature Chicago Natives?

Chicago, Chicago, that toddling... wait, sorry. Just can't help ourselves. Chicago is the home of Urban General Store. And Urban General Store is the online counterpart to ENJOY, AN URBAN GENERAL STORE in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood. Rebecca Wood opened her store at 4727 N. Lincoln Avenue (next to the beloved Cafe Selmarie) in July 2005. Immediately, the people of Chicago, and, more specifically, the people in Lincoln Square embraced Becca and her idea of a modern-day general store that featured gift items for a wide variety of shoppers catering to their busy urban lives by helping them accomplish all of their gift-giving in one place. In October 2009, Rebecca moved ENJOY two doors south to a new, larger space at 4723 N. Lincoln Avenue (next door to another Lincoln Square institution, The Huettenbar). The "Chicago Natives" items are consistently among the best sellers at ENJOY. Native (and recent transplants and visitors) seem to embrace the lovable essence of Chicago--a big city with a Midwestern attitude. We've chosen to feature what we know, from where we live. And until there is a surge of high-quality designed gift items coming from our hometowns of Des Peres, Missouri and Needham, Mass., "Chicago Natives" will remain our local focus.

Do you offer gift wrapping services?

Urban General Store offers specialty gift wrapping at $3.95 per order.

We feature Compendium's "Positively Green" gift wrap for our signature gift presentation. The gift wrap features a montage of inspiring quotes, brilliant insights and green "philosophy" on the front side and earth-friendly tips on the flip side--including creative ways for "repurposing" the wrap itself.

Gift messages, if requested, will be written on a gift card and attached to the gift.
Price tags or indication of price will be removed from all gift orders.

During the holidays, we are able to offer Christmas wrapping paper or generic Winter wrapping paper. Please just email us at

Urban General Store™ is a trademark of Urban General Store, Inc.